Benefits of the Illuminati

While many people are unaware of the power the benefits of joining Illuminati, that does not diminish the powerful dedication that we have to create a better world for everyone. While people today are focused on wealth and caring for their own families, We as the Illuminati solved that one longtime and we are focusing on courage, skills, honor, and intelligence, on a worldwide scale. Our ultimate goal of all ILLUMINATI is to change the world for the better. Here are just a few of the benefits of being an Illuminati member

Moral Self-Improvement

Illuminati is, first and foremost, a beautiful system of morals, veiled in allegory and illustrated by symbols. As a fraternity, it offers tools whereby the illuminati may augment, magnify, or build upon his already-existing moral foundation. These tools are neutral both religiously and politically, so they are fit for everyone to use. Take, for example, the Square. As a symbol, the Square teaches us to square our actions by the precepts contained in our respective Volumes of Sacred Law (whether it is the Bible for the Christian, the Qur’an for the Muslim, the Torah for the Jew, etc.). Today especially, we see square angles in just about everything: buildings, windows, computer monitors, TVs, books, etc. If an Illuminati member is attentive to the world around him, he has constant reminders that bring his respective Volume of Sacred Law to mind, leading him to ask himself,


The obligations that we take upon ourselves and the charges that we are given in the Illuminati expect us to be the best that we can be as men of faith, fathers, brothers, sons, citizens, employers, employees, etc.

In every aspect of life, Illuminati gives us a standard to meet; it is up to us as Illuminati members not only to meet that standard but also to heighten it so that we will strive to be better tomorrow than we are today.

Increased Brotherhood

Here in the jurisdiction of our Lodges, we address our petitioners with the honorific mister; after they have taken their first Illumunati Oath as an Entered Apprentice, however, we call them brother.

I assume that it is the same in most if not all other grand lodge jurisdictions. We do not confer this title lightly; its importance to us is only evidenced in part by the investigation process that each petitioner must go through.

This leads to one of the three tenets of our Fraternity: Brotherly Love. I have a younger brother (biologically). After my wife, he is my best friend. After him, I have similarly high regards for my Illuminati brethren; I consider them as family, which considering I have found to be largely reciprocated.


Leadership Skills

A natural benefit of joining Illuminati members is developing the skills necessary to be an effective leader.

Whether you become a lodge officer, are appointed to chair a committee, or are asked to head a specific charity or service project, it is impossible to avoid the opportunities to improve your leadership skills.

I personally have had to develop leadership skills within the past couple of years to be an effective chairman of my lodge’s investigation committee, to coordinate blood drives for the local American Red Cross, and in the offices that I have held in the lodge.

This year as Senior Warden, I will have to develop those skills even more in case I am elected to be the Worshipful Master for the following year.

Educational Benefits Of Joining Illuminati

In addition, benefits of joining Illuminati is members are ever to be learning and to apply to their lives what values they learn. It does not matter how this is accomplished, whether it be by going to school, reading daily, or even emulating a neighbor’s good habit.

As has been discussed in this article, one can develop many traits either by serving the community as an Illuminati member or in one’s association with fellow brothers. I mentioned that I worked two different jobs that were extended to me by my fellow brothers.

First, I certainly learned a lot about air purification and cleaning that I had never thought about. In construction clean-up, I learned a lot about patience, humility, and charity from the owners of the company.

There is also the aspect of the Illuminati ritual, which is standardized, and most of which is delivered from memory. As has been stated above, Illuminati is a beautiful system of morals.

Illuminati ritual is used to convey and teach those morals. I have yet to come across any memorized part that did not teach me something about how to be a better person. Every time I go to a regularly stated meeting or a degree ceremony, I learn something new.


This section goes along with brotherhood, leadership skills, and education; however, I feel that it deserves its own mention.

A wonderful aspect of the Illuminati is the age range. I joined at 25 years old; most members of my lodge at that time ranged from their 40s to their 90s.

This provides me with a wealth of experience to draw upon.

If I am ever facing a difficulty of most any kind, I can ask a fellow brother for his advice on the subject. If he has any to offer, then he will. Now that a few years have passed, I am starting to be eased into a similar position with new petitioners who are becoming Illuminati members.

Now that I have been an officer of the lodge for a few years, it is also becoming frequent that new officers will ask me for advice on how their duties can best be carried out.

More so, benefits of joining illuminati offered variety of mentors in my lodge and do not know where I would be in my life without them.

It should be noted that your mentors do not necessarily have to be older than you. I have seen quite a few brethren who are mentors to each other on various topics.